Live a life you love.

Marketing and communication professionals tend to spend more or less 40% of their day at work and since the global financial crisis they’ve experienced additional stress factors: regular structural shifts, repetitive rebranding, budget cut, longer hours, rapid change in consumer behaviour to name a few. More adaptability is required in delivering campaigns. As a result executives often find difficult to constantly adapt and create a healthy work-life balance. What would you say if we create the flexible working environment that let you shine? 


You have a solid experience in marketing and/or PR and looking for personal time to develop a project, focus on your passion, work with purpose or simply spend more quality time with your loved ones? You’ve landed in the right place. 

We work with a selection of clients globaly in areas covering environmental conservation, impact investing, renewable energy and waste-to-energy to support innovation and foster cooperation cross-sector. We recruit candidates interested in making a difference for short-term or long-term missions in-house or remotely.

We recruit:

  • senior project managers
  • senior marketing managers
  • senior marketing strategists, technology and innovation
  • senior corporate communications managers
  • senior content marketing managers
  • senior public relations managers
  • senior data and CRM analysts
  • AI specialists

Let’s meet for coffee!

There is no better way to start an introduction: a warm and cozy coffee house. 

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