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Millenials are changing remote work

The new generation is definitely an hybrid labourforce requesting more work time outside the office.

The next generation of ocean entrepreneurs

The third Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit convened 200 ocean youth leaders of ages 18-35 in Bali, Indonesia to set up the ocean agenda and empower each other to take ocean action.

The Chinese fire drill: how do marketers succeed

Under siege for years to deliver more (awareness, leads, sales, experiences, data, stories,…) with less (budget, time, staff…), we’ll explore the many challenges marketers face today and which actions they are taking to cope with change.

A new marine sanctuary for Costa Rica

Since 2010, Misión Tiburón has been studying hammerhead sharks population in Golfo Dulce, and we are accompanying them to scale up their initiatives. On May 3rd 2018, the President of the Republic of Costa and the Minister of Environment and Energy signed an executive decree for the creation of a marine sanctuary in Golfo Dulce.

Beginning of December 2018 Misión Tiburón also held Noche Azul a convening of high government officials, business leaders, NGOs and media. The Minister of Environment of Costa Rica signed the treaty to strengthen the framework of the Shark Sanctuary in Golfo Dulce, complimented by an art show from our fellow allies and former Ministers of Culture, Manuel Obregón and Carlos Hiller.

Check out the Noche Azul Facebook album and read about the event in the news!

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