Our story.

Contribution. This is where it all started.  The idea is to federate brands and individuals who have a vision and are willing to work with purpose to make a difference.

“We rise by lifting others”.

We source organisations operating in the area of environmental conservation, impact investing, waste-to-energy and renewable energy, as well as the circular economy. We travel the world to recruit rare talents. We contribute to brands and individuals by pairing their needs, and suppressing common stress-factors (such as internal politics, team turnover, tight-budget, long working hours) and creating a powerful working environment where we can rise by lifting others.

Brand Coalition is a marketing consultancy and a human capital solution to empower marketing and communications teams to outperform while experiencing post-GFC (Global Financial Crisis) growing pain.  We support marketing and communications directors to achieve their goals with a highly qualified, global minded, and adaptive workforce. Our consultants deploy within your team, (or remotely) and work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to deliver your campaigns on time, on budget, on target.

Our mission is to shape and increase your impact in harmony with your vision.

We believe with crystal-clear direct lines report and communication, reliable processes, integrated and agile technology we enhance team collaboration, creativity and outperformance.

Jump on the bandwagon, join the coalition.

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We care

We care about our planet and having a positive impact. We invest time in environmental conservation, impact investing, CSR, waste-to-energy and circular economy projects. 

Background check

Brand Coalition started in Hong Kong, founded by a French entrepreneur who spent a decade in Asia, and developed an extensive experience working on Asian markets.  

Our founder and managing director shows strong interest for social entreprises,  the sharing economy and sustainable development. Rewarded by The Conference Awards 2013, 2016 and the Sparks Awards, she led the World Ocean Summit 2017, 2018 and 2020 marketing teams for The Economist Events. Clients benefit from her strong analytical and project management skills, as well as expertise in public relations. Prior to joining Brand Coalition, she worked for global brands including Parrot, Incisive Media, Oxford University Press and The Economist.

We deal with your projects with Hong Kong efficiency and French flair.

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