We frame your projects.

Brand Coalition is a marketing consultancy that supports marketing and communications departments to achieve their goals. Our consultants deploy within your team, (or remotely) to plan and deliver your campaigns on time, on budget, on target. Our mission is to shape and increase your impact in harmony with your vision. 

The story behind.

Collaboration. People. Ideas


We build your marketing and PR strategy to engage with your key stakeholders and implement your vision.


We are your project managers, driving your marketing and communications team to achieve your goals.​


We produce your content to engage your target audiences and maximise your impact.


We recruit around the globe experienced, talented and purpose-driven individuals with the relevant skills set.

Solution for businesses

Experiencing growing pain?

We work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to orchestrate  your project resources.

Solution for individuals

Looking for work-life balance?

We offer project-based work to empower you to live a life you love. 

Ocean Bootcamp Showcases Youth-Led  Solutions on the World Stage

​Sustainable Ocean Alliance​ (SOA) and the  Arctic University of Norway​ (UiT) co-hosted this year’s Our Ocean Youth Leadership  Summit in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which  brought together 100 young leaders from 48 countries to collaboratively develop  solutions to critical ocean problems. And we are very proud to contribute in building bridges cross-generations and cross-industries!

The next generation of ocean entrepreneurs

We sourced the world’s top 200 ocean commitments created by youth leaders of ages 18-35 from over 50 countries and inspire future generations to take ocean action.

The Chinese fire drill: how do marketers succeed

Under siege for years to deliver more (awareness, leads, sales, experiences, data, stories,…) with less (budget, time, staff…), we’ll explore the many challenges marketers face today and which actions they are taking to cope with change.


Ocean advocates, we have the privilege to closely work with the World Ocean Summit 2018 editorial and marketing teams with the ambition to define investment framework for scaling responses in the areas of plastics and pollution, sustainable fisheries and climate change. The conference was held in Mexico from March 7th to 9th 2018.

Our partners

To support our clients we’ve established a global network of suppliers. We offer high-quality content and negotiated pricing.


Founded in 2010 Alan Lee, a very talented art director Monogum Creative offers a wide range of design services including packaging, branding, and event graphics.

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